Quality Healthcare at your Doorstep

Purple brings instant and outstanding medical care to your doorstep. We work with top hospitals, clinics, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and healthcare services providers to connect you to reliable and dependable medical professionals who deliver outstanding medical care, all in the comfort of your home. Our services are customized according to your medical requirements.


If you are looking for a doctor to make a visit, we’d be happy to help you with it. Purple connects you with a qualified physician that meets all your medical needs. We work with top hospitals and healthcare providers to make sure that the doctors that visit you provide efficient service and reliable treatment. Whether it is regular or intermittent visits, you can be sure that a quality doctor will provide you with the best care possible.


We connect you to skilled nurses for home and hospice care. Through our Home healthcare services, we help you connect to nurses who can take care of your health. Based on your requirements of nursing services, we will offer a package that suits you the best.


If you or your loved ones are recovering from an injury or require an ongoing service, Purple is here to heal you with our physiotherapy service. Amongst our highly qualified and skilled physiotherapists, we will get you connected to one that will work with you and your family in the comfort your home. Our physiotherapist will help you to facilitate recovery, maintain good heal and function at your full potential by regaining your strength.

Senior / Elder Care

When it comes to elders, not only do their blessings make us feel alive, their presence does too. When they are unwell, let us help you to take care of them. Based on your needs, Purple designs a package of services for you. Be it occasional or regular care, part-time or full-time services, we connect you with efficient doctors, nurses, and other healthcare specialists that you’re looking for. We help administering oral medication, oxygen and stoma care, moving the patient around, managing feeding tubes/cleaning, grooming, bathing and feeding of the patient, monitor vitals of the patient like blood pressure, temperature etc.


We understand that living away from your family is difficult, especially when one cannot easily travel back regularly or for any length of time. Purple provides home healthcare services for NRIs and their families. We work with leading hospitals and healthcare institutions to offer the services of high-quality medical professionals so that you can be rest assure that your loved ones have the best care.

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Partner with us

The home healthcare space in India is in its infancy, there is a long, long way to go, and we realize that only a collaborative approach can make a significant change in this landscape. Hence, we are constantly looking for like-minded partners, who want to make a difference. You could be a service provider, a doctor, a nurse, any one with a relevant skill and a passion to making Indian home healthcare better. Get in touch with us today. Together, we can make it happen!!

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