About PurpleHealth

PurpleHealth.com, India’s leading consumer-focused health innovator, is a digital health platform that gives people greater control, choice and flexibility in connecting with doctors and healthcare providers.

Our extensive medical directory has access to over 38,000 doctors at over 4000 hospitals & clinics. PurpleHealth uses cutting-edge technology to empower healthcare consumers by giving them the ability to gather better, more timely information and advice. This enables individuals to actively take control of their health and wellness decisions.

Given the pool of talented healthcare professionals in India, PurpleHealth realises that there is a great opportunity to advance health outcomes worldwide.

The portal also helps health service providers streamline and scale operations on a global basis.

Our newly launched Video-Connect feature enables easy access to some of the world’s best medical practitioners.

PurpleHealth.com is located in India with a global user-base.